How are you doing/feeling now that the biggest sugar day of the year has arrived and the sweet holiday season is upon us? A lot of people share with me that “it’s all downhill” for them after Halloween and until New Year. How do you feel about this season? Do you feel like it’s a slippery slope, and once you indulge, things start to slip away from you? Is this a challenging time of year to stay healthy and keep away from the sugary treats?

If so, I hope that you find this helpful. I wanted to offer some strategies that may work:

1) Eat extra fiber and veggies today. 

Fiber and veggies help make you feel full and help to balance blood sugar which in turn will reduce sugar cravings.

2) Be properly hydrated!!!! 

So many cravings are just misreading the signals that your body actually needs water.

3) Don’t be scared of fat! Load up on good fats every chance you get. 

My favorites are coconut, olive, tahini, avocado, duck fat, ghee.

4) Don’t go to parties hungry.

Eat sweet potatos or a roasted butternut squash drenched in grassfed butter, ghee or coconut oil for dinner before the festivities begin.

5) Make a fat-fueled, rich smoothie in the morning to enjoy and feel satisfied.

Add coconut oil or milk, almond butter or avocado to boost the fat content of your smoothie.

6) Shift your focus into ALL OF THE FUN TO BE HAD that isn’t eating candy/treats. 

The association between candy and fun is strong, but it’s not the only way to get pleasure. I have, for different reasons, not indulged in most treats/candy at parties in years, and it has not impacted any of my joy. What do you like to do that is fun? Make a list and then pick something to do that excites you. I love to play music loudly and dance!

7) Enjoy a bit of dark chocolate. 

If you can get raw chocolate you get bonus points. Raw cacao is one the most antioxidant rich foods. It is an aphrodisiac and definitely makes one feel satisfied due to the anandamide content (bliss releasing chemical).

I invite you to join in a FREE Facebook group that I am organizing (coming soon) where we will offer support for each other to keep healthy and provide more self care time when people lose track of their health.  This group will run between thanksgiving and new year.
My gift to you for the holidays…
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